With the realisation of more than 260 artworks, 8 exhibitions and more than 5 million visitors since 2012, Amsterdam Light Festival has developed into a leading lightart festival. In addition to organising the annual festival and the development of its internationally traveling collection, the foundation is also actively involved throughout the year in sharing knowledge and expertise and contributing to the development of the art discipline.


Starry night - Van Gogh at the Amsterdam Light Festival

The festival

During the 53-day festival, Amsterdam is the international stage on which we present new artworks, organize light art activities and put artists in the spotlight. The annual exhibition focuses on artworks placed on and along side the characteristic waters of Amsterdam. The preparations for the festival take place throughout the year. 


Lichtkunst in de openbare ruimte

Light art

Throughout the year we are actively involved with light art on various fronts. For example, we advise organizations and festivals on the use of light art, we create specific light artworks by commission, we identify trends and developments and we publish articles, long reads and interviews.