Exhibiting more than 200 light art installations in recent years, Amsterdam Light Festival has become one of Europe’s most important light art festivals. It has been able to bring light art to a wide audience while providing artists with an international platform to present their work.

Amsterdam Light Festival brings people from different backgrounds together in the dark winter times. By exhibiting high-quality and innovative light art in public space, the festival wants to – as befits the season and the times we live in – involve, inspire and lighten visitors, creators and partners.

Amsterdam Light Festival has become a lasting eye-catcher in the cultural landscape; the festival amazes and connects. Highlighting the artistic quality prominently has a positive impact on both the identity and the content.

This quality is reflected in the curatorial selection of the light artworks and the artistic program of the festival, without compromising the accessibility for and interaction with the general public.

Amsterdam Light Festival is a public-private collaboration between the municipality, the cultural sector and numerous businesses. The Board consists of representatives from the cultural sector and various businesses in Amsterdam.

Lennart Booij, artistic director & curator
Frédérique ter Brugge, managing director

Board members
Felix Guttmann, chairman
Hans Bakker, treaserur
Caroline Receveur, secretary
Björn Stenvers

In memory of
Eberhard van der Laan, 1955 - 2017
former mayor of Amsterdam & patron of the festival

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