Lambert Kamps wins Gold European Design Award

During the award ceremony of the European Design Awards in Oslo at 3 June, artist Lambert Kamps was awarded Gold for his artwork ‘Touch of Time’, which was created in collaboration with Amsterdam Light Festival for its last edition.  Every year, European Design praises the best designers and most creative initiatives.

‘Touch of Time’ is a digital clock that shows time in a way that we’re used to, but shows it mirrored as well, accelerated and delayed. Occasionally the work will distort time into figures and patterns. In doing so, it makes us think about time. After all, a tourist will experience time differently than a commuter. The artwork consisted of various light tubes that were powered pneumatically, so that the tubes could ‘disappear’, only to reappear in a different position.  


Kamps was celebrated by the jury for “the development from one lamp to a complete artwork with new possibilities and its own distinctive imagery”. European Design also praised the technical and artistic implementation, calling Kamps “the smartest man of the evening”.

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