Lowlight photography workshop with Cris Toala Olivares

Winners will receive the location

Date: 15 December 2016 (18 December 2016 with bad weather conditions)

Tijd: 15:30 - 21:30

Participate: National Geographic & Digifoto Starter gave away spots 

Location: Winners will receive the location

Magnum Photography Award winner en Amsterdam Light festival juryl member Cris Toala Olivares gives a lowlight photography workshop during the festival. On 1December 15th he will guide 20 participants along a selection of the Water Colors boat ride artworks.

The following artworks will be photographed: 
- Blueprint by Reirer Pos on the The National Maritime Museum
- Rhizome House by DP Architects across the Hermitage Amsterdam 
- Nexus by Viktor Vicsek in the Amstel Luis

National Geographic and Digifoto Starter both gave away 10 spots for the workshop. 

Please note!
- This workshop will be in Dutch.
- Participants have to own a reflex camera and have basic knowledge about photography.
- If the weather conditions are  bad the workshop will take place on the 18th of December.
- Winners will be notified by National Geographic or Digifoto Starter.

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