Lightbattle at Beijing Design Week – Amsterdam Light Festival On Tour

Lightbattle, the artwork that was shown in the passage of the impressive Rijksmuseum in 2013, will be exhibitioned at Beijing Design Week this year!  

The interactive work was designed by Venividimultiplex for the Amsterdam Light Festival. The installation exists of an arch, that is made out of almost five thousand LED lights, that is located along the caults of a pathway. 

On both sides 5 bicycles that challenge the visitor to step on and take part in a light battle. By pushing the pedals contesters will push their own beam of light to the other side, defeating their contestants. The winner gets overwhelmed by a magical waterfall of light. 

The artwork is currently being shipped to Beijing from the Amsterdam Light Festival storage. Beijing Design Week takes place in the las week of September. More information can be found here

Interested in showing one of the Amsterdam Light Festival artworks as well? Take a look on the Amsterdam Light Festival On Tour page. 

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