Speed of Light

Walk from the earth to the sun with the speed of light.

Next to the annual walking and boat tours of the Amsterdam Light Festival, this year a couple of additional projects will be developed in the North of Amsterdam. ‘Speed of Light’, a project from Caspar Noyons, is one of these projects. 

A scale replica of the sun, earth, moon, Mercury and Venus, where the earth and sun are connected though a LED light path, will be shown at the IJ promenade next to the EYE film museum.

The scale for this project is 1:270000000, which means that the distance between the sun and earth is 555 meters. With an average speed of 4 kilometers an hour, the journey through the light path will take 8 minutes and 20 seconds. This is exactly the time it takes for a light particle to travel from the sun to the earth. As a visitor you literally walk with the speed of light.

This project makes it possible to experience the size of the universe, to comprehend our spot in the solar system and to meet out star, the sun. For this educational project an elaborate curriculum will be developed, to create a place where, through learning and experience, children can develop affinity with science and the universe.

‘Speed of Light’ will be shown from the 21st of December 2016 until the 21tst of January 2017. The object will be lit daily from 17:00 until 22:00. The EYE film museum, Artis Planetarium and Universe Awareness Leiden are partners of the project.

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