Some consider campfires to be historical places where people come together to share their stories. The most beautiful fairytales were thought of in the comfort of the fire’s warmth and the presence of others. It’s hard to imagine that these days however, a time when everyone is busy telling stories

all the time. Look at them: tweeting around the Twitter fire
in an attempt to accumulate as many listeners as possible and listening very little themselves. There’s not much solitude these days.

Perhaps it’s time for campfire 2.0. Near the Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam-based artist and designer Wilmhelmusvlug presents Camp-Fire: an oversized, archetypal scouts fire, like the ones we know from comic books. Wilhelmusvlug also sees the campfire as the first human meeting point, one without the volatility of Twitter and the mass one-way communication of today’s world. Camp-Fire is a landmark, a safe haven for those who want to leave the busyness of the everyday behind, or for those who just want to stare into the fire or start up a good conversation.

The city, too, can be seen as a large campfire. It’s a source of warmth and light that has attracted people for centuries. Let’s give each other a hand, do a dance, talk to each other. It’s actually quite simple.

facts about the artwork

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