It’s like walking into a photograph made by someone who has bent red lights into arches against the dark sky. It reminds us of the children who draw their names with sparklers on New Year’s Eve. Usually these letters and figures disappear into the night, but when we open the shutters of our cameras wide, we can capture the light patterns forever. The result is similar to Constell.ation.

The red arches are plastic tubes lit from within by LED lights that further accentuate their color. The simple architectural elements can be adjusted to the specifics of the environment in which they are placed. Sometimes the arches appear almost royal, other times they refer to Amsterdam’s beautifully lit bridges or, as a result of their distinctive red color, to the infamous Red Light District.

What Constell.ation does manage to do in every location is give visitors the impression that upon passing through the arches, they are entering into a physical space: a space in which everything appears to be different and where time seems to stand still. Whoever takes a photograph now will succeed in capturing this moment forever.

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