Géraud Périole


A champagne bubble bath. The end of the tubes of Willie Wonka’s miraculous chocolate factory. Vanishing holes to unknown solar systems. Perfect soap bubbles that float endlessly towards the heavens. You can see just about anything in the light circles hovering above Amsterdam’s Herengracht, the realization of French artist Géraud Périole. You can be as poetic or prosaic about it as you want. Périole entitled his artwork ‘Effervescence’, which actually means (the) bubbling, fizzing and foaming.

The art is in the alleged simplicity. The artist likes to use uncomplicated and recognizable forms that he continually repeats. The rings are compiled in an ingenious system of cables that have been attached to the trees lining the canals and which can’t be seen in the dark. The luminous circles appear to hang effortlessly in the air and it’s up to the imagination of the viewer to ‘finish’ the artwork when standing on the edge of the canal, or better yet, inside a boat.

Surprise and magic, that’s what it’s all about. Kindness also plays a role because – let’s be honest – an artist who, in the middle of the winter, manages to give his audience a sensation that resembles a warm bubble bath deserves the Nobel Prize for – well, ultimate satisfaction. 

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