Gonzalo Bascuñan & Perrine Vichet


It doesn’t matter how often you have experienced the coming and going of the seasons, they continue to surprise you, affect your mood and your perceptions. As autumn turns to winter, the temperatures drop and the trees shed their leaves with the first gusts of wind. The transformation of the landscape recalls the passage of time.

This winter, Chilean product designer Gonzala Bascuñan – with contributions from French spatial designer Perrine Vichet – presents Flawless, a sublime light installation of more than two thousand leaves that float above the lagoon on the renewed square at Amsterdam’s zoo, Artis Natura Magistra. During the day, the pigments of the leaves absorb energy from sunlight, and at night, they glow in a gradient of warm colors, similar to the chlorophyll of life, critical in photo- synthesis. This way, the installation is self-sufficient and self- illuminating.

There is no better place for this ode to the transitions of the seasons than the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. During its 185 years of existence, Artis has encouraged us to capture the poetic movements of the leaves and their reflections in the water. The scenery invites the visitor to wander away from it all, just for a moment, and reminisce the transience of nature and our memories.

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