Floating Bridge
Leandro Mendez VJ Vigas

Floating Bridge

Amsterdam has more than 1,700 official bridges. That number doesn’t include private bridges, bridges managed by the Rijkswaterstaat and Dutch railway system, more than 1,400 bridges and viaducts that are not numbered, and others. Those who have taken driving lessons in Amsterdam know that the city is a mecca for merciless driving instructors who demand their students to attempt driving up hills, over and over again, up and up again. So another bridge isn’t a problem, especially when it’s a beautiful one like Floating Bridge, a curved lattice that is illuminated in different colors.

Leandro Mendes, better known as the Brazilian VJ Vigas, sees Amsterdam’s bridges as organic connections between cells in the nervous system. They provide the city with energy it so desperately needs. Passing under these energy pathways by boat is just as exhilarating.

Floating Bridge is the visual accumulation of the city’s energy. Not only does it look like a dozen stacked and lit bridges, its form is based on concentric half circles that form Amsterdam’s famous canals. And it’s all of that plus a touch of science fiction and a little technical know-how that’s been kept out of sight for the most part. According to the creators, this bridge of light is more than an architectural masterpiece. It’s a way to pull people out of the constant turmoil of their thoughts and visual impressions, and offer them a contemplative and reflective experience in return.

It’s clear. See yourself as an amalgamation of energy and let yourself be carried away in this stream of light. We wouldn’t mind if this bridge stuck around for a little while.

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