Light onda Flow

LIGHT(onda)FLOW. It’s not an easy title. It becomes a lot clearer when you know that ‘onda’ means ‘waves’ in Spanish and Portuguese. LIGHT(onda)FLOW is the poetic representation of the fusion of light and water in an undulating, serpentine-like movement, mirroring the movements of the two natural phenomena.

The work refers both to the waves that have bobbed through Amsterdam’s canals for centuries, and the famous Dutch light that is reflected in the water. It also touches on kinetic art, a form of art that has lingered like a serpent through art history for a long time. Kinetic art considers the representation of movement and the progression of time as its key principles. This art form was conceived at the beginning of the 20th century by Italian futurists, fond of machines and factory work, and perfected by artist Marcel Duchamp who created the Bicycle Wheel in 1913, the first continuously moving and rotating artwork.

The snake of LIGHT(onda)FLOW rises from this tradition. Driven by a powerful motor, the exposed piece of rope slivers along the wall like an on-going homage to one of the most important elements of the city: the water. The legacy of the futurists lives on.

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