The bridge is the perfect connection between two parallel experiences, those of being on the water and being on the street although we don’t often stop to think about it. When you cross a bridge, you rise above ground level – above the rush of the city – and you look over the water, or beyond, into the future. When passing underneath, an unseen, century-old part of the city is revealed.

Light Bridge, by design agency Tjep., is an ode to Amsterdam’s bridges, much like an actual bridge, functions as a connector itself. The artwork not only draws on bridging our experiences of the city from the street and the water but attempts to connect the 17th century architecture of Amsterdam’s canals to the newest developments along the shores of the IJ.

Tjep. refers playfully to Amsterdam’s most iconic lights: the ones that line the arches of Amsterdam’s bridges. The lights used by Tjep. in Light Bridge react to movements, from both the street and the water, and respond with computer-controlled lighting effects. Never before has an artwork so beautifully bridged the gap between what was and what is to come.

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