The most beautiful thing is when nothing is what it seems; when you think you know exactly how something is but after further investigation, discover it’s completely different. Take this lighthouse. It’s not a lighthouse but a shipping container that has been cast on the shore and has lost its cargo along the way. After being taken along by the wind and the waves, this heavy object has ended up on its side on solid ground. Safe above ground, several miniature people have built a home on the container: a small wooden white house surrounded by a white picket fence. Light shines from the house at night, in which the pioneers sit, read their books and admire the views of the Amstelsluizen.

The two-man design studio Pitaya had this scene in mind when devising LightHouse. The work is an ode to Amsterdam, a city that has, throughout history, been influenced and shaped by international maritime activities, and that has brought its men to the most exotic places on Earth. Hence the 12-meter-long ship container, a symbol of global trade and wanderlust that is reflected here in the water.

At the same time, LightHouse pays tribute to art and imagination. By playing with the elements of scale, incorporating unsuspecting materials and applying light in unusual ways, the artists stir up certain expectations, which must then be reflected upon and even changed. You can see a lighthouse in the work, if you so desire. But above all, LightHouse is a beacon of fantasy, its light dispersed for everyone who needs it. Go see it!

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