Floriaan Ganzevoort


Light is a unique medium; it is intangible and abstract yet also capable of having a great effect on a space. Even independent of space, light can tell a story.

For this installation, the word NOW is projected on different buildings around the Mr. Visserplein (a school, church and the city hall) by light designer Floriaan Ganzevoort. Four buttons have been installed in the middle of the square, each connected to one of the building’s projections. When the button is pressed, the word becomes bigger, but if you press it too much, it blows up just like a balloon does when filled with too much air.

By using light in this way, Floriaan Ganzevoort emphasizes the space itself and can also eliminate it. He asks visitors to choose what they want and what they stand for.

Visitors not only have the chance to press the button;
it’s also up to them to decide which building should be illuminated meaning they can choose which building and its particular history receives the most attention. The square becomes a place in the city center where both individualism and solidarity rule. That moment is only one click of a button away. Do it. Now.

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