Object O
Paul van Laak & Arnout Meyer Studio

Object O

Light appears in many forms, but mainly as warm and cold. But how do you describe them? The first, most obvious, comparison is the golden yellow burning of the sun and the soft blue glow of the moon. The corresponding reference to the cycle of life and the transition from day to night is one that is easily made.

Even though we can easily distinguish between these two types of light, actually recognizing them isn’t that easy.
When we tilt our heads towards the sky at night, it’s almost impossible to perceive the millions of stars. We are no longer accustomed to the immeasurable depth of darkness. Even the animals are lost. Who hasn’t heard the blackbird whistle; a bird that, caught in the blinding lights, can no longer distinguish day from night? The dark city is wrapped in a rich array of colors that seem to imitate both the sun and the moon.

The light designers have tried to capture the essence of the city in their artwork, Object O. Light is round, warm or cold, and represents the cyclical aspect of the day, despite the fading of those borders. What if the sun were just a ring? Or the moon? Floating rings in that immeasurable universe. The two rings of Object O bring both heavenly bodies together.

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