Re (bi) Cycle Dome
Vasili Popov

Re (bi) Cycle Dome

The Re(bi)cycle Dome of Russian-born architect Vasili Popov has been constructed using 300 bicycle rims from discarded bicycles. The light source of the artwork is fed with energy by way of an old-fashioned water pump. And who controls the pump? You.

According to Popov, the bicycle wheel is the ultimate Dutch gadget, well thought-out and tempting to use as building blocks. The question, though, remained: how do you make
a solid dome using circular elements? Popov first built the Re(bi)cycle Dome with the help of a computer program that used special algorithms, written by the architect himself. These made sure that the recycled wheels would be distributed equally. Another challenge was linking the wheels to ensure stability of the structure as a whole. The links are made of metal and have been designed to secure the wheels instead of what they are usually meant to do.

In short, the Re(bi)cycle Dome is a state-of-the-art dome, designed and crafted down to the smallest details.

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