The Sphere of Amsterdam
Hogeschool van Amsterdam

The Sphere of Amsterdam

“People make the place,” is the conceptual starting point of the Sphere of Amsterdam. How is Amsterdam actually doing? Did Ajax just lose a match, leaving the city with an air of disappointment? Is the love there? Are we all looking forward to the weekend?

For this installation, the city’s mood is measured using Internet and mobile data techniques every hour. The mood is then visualized with the use of colors and light effects and a three-meter-large ball of light. At specific times during the day, visitors can use an App to light the ball with a color of their choice. Be sure to photograph or take a video of the spectacle to post it on Instagram and Facebook!

The team from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences that created the light ball approached it as a research project. How can you visualize “big data” and how can we link it to our emotions? What does the universal “language of light” look like?

Sphere of Amsterdam
is a unique collaborative project between students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Technical, Economic & Management departments, and researchers of the Amsterdam Creative Industries Network.

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