Hagar Elazari


“Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are preludes to serious ideas,” said well-known American designer Charles Eames. In addition to the designer chairs he’s most well known for, Eames designed fantastic animal costumes for children. (Sigh of relief.) We don’t have to feel embarrassed when we wholeheartedly enjoy this artwork by light artist Hagar Elazari. The concept of play is actually quite a serious matter and may take us one step further in our lives.

Triangolini brings out the homo ludens, or playful being, in all of us. The design is simple, similar to the way that the most popular toys are usually the most simple. The artwork consists of nothing more than a flat source of light that has been covered with layers of semi-transparent triangular stickers. When a sticker is peeled off and moved elsewhere, the pattern changes. Light disappears and reappears in continuously changing geometric constellations.

Visitors are encouraged to finish what Hagar Elazari has started. Moving pieces is actually required, otherwise there’s not much to Triangolini. Local residents and visitors
from afar – everyone can add a triangle to this wall
tapestry. So go ahead, play, and wait as new ideas arise.

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