Lisa van Noorden


If you want to introduce children to magic, give them a kaleidoscope. Although the object is nothing more than a dark cylindrical tube containing colored beads and several mirrors, the toy guarantees hours of hallucinatory bewitchment.

Rotterdam-based artist Lisa van Noorden was drawn to this aspect of the kaleidoscope: the repeated collapse of the image, which is then reassembled in new abstract shapes, free from interpretation and context. She has designed her own version of the kaleidoscope: Volte. The large diamond, decorated with the artist’s drawings, rests here on the grass. The front has been covered with a screen and kaleidoscopic images are projected from the inside onto the surface.

What kinds of images? That’s where the visitor comes in to play. On the Internet, visitors can choose from a series of images created for the festival by Lisa van Noorden. “How does the city feel?” is the question she asked herself when creating the images. The images continuously fall apart into little pieces only to be rearranged again, much like what happens in a busy city. The city’s residents form a diverse mix of characters, colors and religions.

Look at the city as a kaleidoscope, that magical object from the old days. Put everyone in, turn it around, and without trying to judge it or search for answers, admire the result. How magical and marvelous that image is!

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