Vroege Projecties
The Boyle Family

Vroege projecties

During the Amsterdam Light Festival the façade of the Appel arts centre will be illuminated by a selection of Early Projections by the Boyle Family. The Boyle Family are a group of British artists, comprised of Mark Boyle (1934-2005), Joan Hills (1931), and their children Sebastian and Georgia.

In the late 1950s Boyle and Hills began to produce art defined by two principles: 1. art is an objective investigation of thevisible world, and 2. the whole world and all its phenomena are possible subjects.In 1963 Boyle Family began making Earth Studies, at random placesall over the world they take samples of ‘the ground under our feet’, hang on the wall like a painting or relief. Around that time they also started experimenting with other media like performance, film and photography and with projections. These Early Projections are a compilation of projections from chemical experiments carried out live, involving processes of evaporation, corrosion, combustion and fermentation. They were shown in UFO, the first psychedelic nightclub in London, in the 1960s. The presentation of the Early Projections by the Boyle Family is part of the exhibition When elephants come marching in: Echoes of the Sixties in Art Today, developed by the guest curator Mark Kremer.

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