World of shapes shaping the world
Studio Louter & Todd van Hulzen

World of shapes shaping the world

The human mind loves patterns and structures; they provide us with meaning and give support. In the projection World of shapes, shaping the world, abstract geometric shapes are transformed into figurative images and vice versa. The installation consists of a long roll of film that glides through a projector. A colorful city appears on the facade of NEMO and dissolves into a mathematical pattern from which a city gradually rises.

Todd van Hulzen and Studio Louter created the installation Temporal Tower for last year’s Amsterdam Light Festival. They summoned the historical Haringspakkerstoren in light using scaffolding, a large cloth and lighting effects. The phantom tower was just as recognizable as it was abstract, and as tangible it was transparent. The light installation is an initiative of Science Center NEMO. The installation, emphasizing patterns, shapes and illusions, is based on the exhibition about mathematics created by Studio Louter and Todd van Hulzen, World of Shapes for the Science Center.

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