Tafeltje Dekje, a fairy tale in light
Foundation of School Community Work
Art by children from Amsterdam

Tafeltje Dekje

The Foundation of School Community Work develops educational projects for children and schools, focusing on the school  surroundings. Amsterdam is a rich and varied learning environment and  through this project children really get involved in an important artistic  and cultural festival in the city.  The project Tafeltjedekje, een lichtsprookje (The Wishing Table, a fairy  tale in light) was inspired by the friendship theme of the Amsterdam  Light Festival 2015-2016, because eating together is a festive activity  which encourages friendships and connects people and cultures. Under the expert guidance of artists, children devised ten art tables. 

With Stichting Taalvorming (Foundation for Language Education) the  children made texts and drawings which have been incorporated in the  tables. Together with Alspeth Pikaar van de Zeefdrukfabriek (the  Screen Print Factory) each class made a tablecloth about friendship.  These will be printed and sold at the festival heart. Part of the proceeds  will go to De Sociale Kruidenier (The Social Grocer), the church  foodbank. 

The tables:
- The showtable with the tablecloths (De zeefdrukfabriek/the screen print  factory)
- Tables of solidarity made of perished Amsterdam trees (Stichting  Stadshout/Foundation of City Wood).
- The laughing table (Godelieve Smulders).
- The table consisting solely of drawers (Stichting Lijmlab/ Foundation  Glue Lab).
- The table with service towers (Daan Blits).
- The table with light ornaments (Liesbeth Vos).
- The Greek Gods table, with Europa and the bull (Nies Medema).
- A table for refugees who died (Annet Bult).
- The glass projection table with an animated film (Nienke Brokke).
- The table of secrets that open up to the light (Nelson Carrilho).

Stichting Schoolbuurtwerk


Stichting Schoolbuurtwerk develops education projects for children and primary schools, whereby the area of the school is the point of focus. Stichting Schoolbuurtwerk created ten art tables with these artists:

De Zeefdrukfabriek: this is an itinerant screen printer. Adults and children can make their own screen prints on different marterials.

Stichting Stadshout: gives Amsterdam trees a second, sustainable life. 

Godelieve Smulders: gives painting workshops.

Stichting Lijmlab: an organization who develops art projects for children and who makes art of glue.

Daan Blits: artist and teacher.

Liesbeth Vos: develops cultural heritage projects for education and cultural institutions.

Nies Medema: journalist.

Annet Bult: artist and designer.

Nienke Brokke: professional artist, makes animations and gives workshops.

Nelson Carrilho: artist.

facts about the artwork

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