Winged Migration
Tessel Schmidt & Judith Hofland
Filmmaker & theater producer

Winged Migration

Winged Migration is an interactive video installation, created by theatre maker Judith Hofland and filmmaker Tessel Schmidt. It is a work that has to be experienced. In the Wertheimpark there’s a larger than life-size birdbox that looks out on an old tree. As soon as you enter the little house, a bird starts to fly.The more people come in, the more birds start to fly around freely. To people freedom is not always as self-evident as it is to birds. In the theatre Judith and Tessel often use video, trying to confront the audience interactively with the current situation in Europe. In this work, as in many others they created, the artists combine reality and fiction. In this case they use video mapping on an existing, old tree, and add the projection of birds. Visitors of the birdbox are invited to ask a stranger inside with them in order te let more birds fly and make the tree glow – which constitutes the interactivity of Winged Migration.

Schmidt & Hofland

Filmmaker & Theater producer

Filmmaker Tessel Schmidt is inspired by the most ordinary situations. Since completing her master’s degree in Creative Development, Schmidt has been making documentaries using the technique of close-up shots. She also teaches at the Media College in Amsterdam and has been working on projects together with set designer Judith Hofland for more than seven years.

Judith Hofland is specialized in Theater Design. She has been experimenting with the use of video in theater since she completed her studies. She prefers to remove theatrical experience from conventional spaces, and creates work that requires the participation of the audience. Schmidt and Hofland complement each other on a technical and conceptual level.  

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