Buckyball: Get Connected
Bianca Leusink

Buckyball: Get Connected

The friendship and connection between science and art, and between Twente and Amsterdam, is central to this work, the so-called Buckyball. It is the symbol of nanotechnology and illustrates the 60 carbon atoms that connect to form a molecule. The shape is similar to a basketball with five or six panels, and the construction measures about four meters in height. The panels depict artworks by the Twente-born artist Bianca Leusink, information about innovations from Twente, and education.

About the science:
Prof. Dr. Dave H.A. Blank (Amsterdam, 1953) is Chief Scientific Ambassador at the University of Twente, and regarded as the driving force in strengthening the academic reputation of the university on a global level and attracting international top talent. He was previously the Scientific Director of MESA+, one of the world’s leading research institutes in nanotechnology. He also founded Qua Art Qua Science, a foundation with the goal to bridge the gap between science and art, and is chairman of the art manifestation ‘Art in the Volkspark’ in Enschede.

About the partners:
This work was made possible by the University of Twente, Saxion Hogescholen, Mesa+, Kennispark Twente, Enschede Promotie, and is an initiative of the Twente Ambassade (or ‘Embassy’) Amsterdam. During Amsterdam Light Festival, an indoor exhibition can be seen at the embassy (Herengracht 450).

Bianca Leusink

Bianca Leusink


Bianca Leusink (Haaksbergen, 1973) started painting in 1998. The motivation for her paintings comes from her soul. She always starts painting without a sketch and lets her energy flow through the paint. The more she paints, the more ideas she gets; her fantasy never runs out. She has her own gallery in Ootmarsum in Twente. Many people assume that an African artist, South American artist or Asian artist made her work.  

Buckyball: Get Connected is made possible by

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