Merry go round Europe
Stephan Schagen, Ward Kreykamp & Karel de Boer
Architect, decor builder & industrial designer

Merry go round Europe

The whirligig that, just for a moment, lifts you out of your earthly existence and, once you’re back on firm ground, gives you a fresh outlook on the world around you.That’s the theme of Merry Go Round, the contribution of the Dutch artists Karel de Boer, Ward Kreykamp, Ivo Hulskamp and Stephan Schagen. It is a work of art everybody will recognize, because who didn’t whirl around on a kermis or a fair?! The artists themselves want the work to be a message to Europe. According to them it’s very healthy to float away from reality from time to time, to leave things as they are and then go on with your life. They argue that it will do friendships no end of good. ‘We think that for everybody in Europe it would be a good idea as well to step outside its reality now and again, in order to forget their problems and worries for a while and to remember who they really are.

’The cars whirl, the merrily illuminated water jets splash and just for a little while we forget where we are.'

Stephan Schagen, Ward Kreykamp
& Karel de Boer

Architect, designer, decor builder & industrial designer

The Dutch quartet, consisting of an architect, a designer, a decor builder and an industrial designer, work from their own specializations but their collaborative work goes even beyond these. They work within the disciplines of design, art and architecture; they even talk about ‘making lust’. Their works are the result of commissions or the responses to competitions and are designed to confront reality. 

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