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Polygonum is an artwork that investigates the differences (and similarities) between organic and geometric forms and between natural and artificial forms. Them Sculptures, the studio of Belgian artist, sculptor and designer Tom Dekyvere, made the work. Dekyvere has participated in two previous editions of Amsterdam Light Festival.

According to Dekyvere, “Today, we live in a world that manipulates the natural environment. Digital devices and microchips are intertwined with the human body. In art, we also see a lot of nature-based forms.”

Polygonum is Dekyvere’s third Amsterdam Light Festival artwork. Since being shown in Amsterdam in 2012 and 2013 respectively, the artworks Home (Wertheimpark) and Our House (Diaconie) have been exhibited around the world, from Australia to Portugal.

In his earlier works, the Belgian artist explored the connections between people. With Polygonum, the artist goes a step further; he now examines the ways in which people assimilate with their environment and with nature.

Them Sculptures


Polygonum explores ideas about organic vs geometric, natural vs artificial structures.

As our world becomes a mere product of human adaptation, there arises an urgent need to conserve the original genetic algorithm. Today, we see a lot of generative artificial, nature based forms in architecture and design; digital devices blend with the human body. Life and its natural environment can be manipulated into any new form.

Tom Dekyvere (BE '85) investigates thesetopics through the metaphoric symbols of form and light.
His works have been exhibited at Vivid Sydney Australia, Lumina Portugal , Lightfestival Ghent, etc … 
Polygonum is the third work he creates for Amsterdam, after Model 2012 (Wertheimpark) and Our House 2013 (Diaconie/Hermitage). While these former works explored the connectivity between people, now Polygonum literally grows further into integrating human beings and their surroundings.

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