From 28 November 2019 until 19 January 2020, close to 23 artworks by national and international artists will put our inner city in the spotlight again! We're glad to keep you informed of developments on our residents page.

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The dismantling of the artworks takes place from January 20th til February 7th. Of course, we do our utmost to keep the inconvience to a minimum. We try to consider your pleasure of living as much as possible. For safety reasons it sometimes is necessary to take measures in collaboration with Gemeente Amsterdam. Of course, where possible, we'll pay special attention to avoid peak hours. The planning for the dismantling of the artworks is as follows:

Ad.Empty Domination (Oosterdok): dismantling on January 20 & 21 januari. To reach the artwork we drive to and from the artwork (normally no cars come here).
Atlantis (Zwanenburgwal): dismantling from January 27 till January. On 27 January between 06.00 and 12.00 a blockage will take place because the artwork has to be lifted out of the water.
Between the Lines (Entrepotdok): dismantling on January 23 & January 24 
Big Bang (Oosterdok): dismantling from January 27 til January 29. On January 27 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., a boom lift and a crane will be on the doorstep to complete the Big Bang.
Butterfly Effect (Roetersstraat): dismantling on January 22 & January.
Nacht Tekening (Magere Brug): dismantling from Janaury 20 til January 22. From 20 to 22 January between 6 am and 9 pm there are two platforms on the bridge. At some point there will be a blockage on the bridge, which will last a maximum of half an hour.
End over End (Plantage Kerklaan): dismantling on January 22 and Januart 23. On January 22 between 06.00 and 12.00 there is a parking exemption once because a platform on the sidewalk has to complete the artwork. A traffic controller is present for this.
Feel Like the Kardashians (Amstel): dismantling on January 27 & January 28.
Hiding in the Wolf's Lair (Plantage Muidergracht): dismantling on January 28 & January 29.
Icebreaker (Plantage Muidergracht): dismantling on January 22 & January 23 
Neighborhood (Oude Schans): dismantling on20 januari
Nothing Holding Us (Amstel): dismantling from January 20 til January 22. From 20 to 22 January between 6 am and 9 pm: exemption for main worker and on the doorstep
De Nachtloerrrders (Entrepotdok): dismantling on January 20 & January 21 
Order/Disorder (Plantage Parklaan): dismantling from Januart 20 til January 22.
Remind Euljiro Freedom (Schippersgracht): dismantling on January 23 & January 24.
Nobody (Oosterdok): dismantling on January 21 & January 22
Surface Tension (Entrepotdok): dismantling on January 24
The Cracks (Oude Schans): dismantling on January 21 & January 23
The Ice is Melting at the Pøules (The National Maritime Museum): dismantling on January 20.
All the Light You See (Oosterdok): dismantling on January 29.


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