Amsterdam Light Festival on tour

All artworks that are shown during Amsterdam Light Festival are made especially for the festival. Many artworks find a second life after the festival though, and are adopted, rented or bought by other national and international festivals and institutions. Interested in one of the artworks? We would like to exchange thoughts with you in person. Contact Paul Swieringa through

Below you can find a few examples of light artworks that have found a new home. Please visit this website to view the entire collection of artworks:

Norrköping Light Festival, Sweden

In 2015 and 2016 the very first Norrköping Light Festival took place. Next to four works from local artists, the Amsterdam Light Festival selected eight artworks from previous editions in partnership with Upplev Norrköping. Sofia Backman, marketing coordinator from Norrköping Light Festival, explains what Amsterdam Light Festival has meant for their festival: "Thanks to a good relationship with Amsterdam Light Festival and their knowledge and experience, Norrköping Light Festival was able to become the great success we expected it to be!"

The following artworks found their way to Sweden: Alley of Light, CC, Circle of Life, Intrepid, Object O, Pas Encore mon Histoire, Sneaky Serpents and Waterfun. Artist Rob van Houten explains that the placement at Norrköping Light Festival was an addition to his artwork. "Circle of Life is about the interaction and connection between people and their surroundings. The journey the artwork makes adds a new layor of interaction to the work, a connection between diffrent places, and makes the artwork richer." The collaboration will most likely be continued in 2016-2017. 

Circle of Light

© Mattias Lindh

Light in Jerusalem, Israel

Northern Lights: the work from Swedish light artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic that was shown during Amsterdam Light Festival in 2015 and 2016, was exposed in Jerusalem during “Light in Jerusalem” in May and June in 2016. The artwork depicts the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, the most spectacular and poetic light phenomenon of the northern hemisphere.

Northern Lights

Vijvers van Elsene, Brussel, Belgium

In May 2016 my light is your light from alaa minawi, which was shown during the Amsterdam Light Festival twice before, was adopted by the Brussels minister, P. Smet, and placed in Brussels. The sculpture group translates the sadness and insecurity of existence, but expresses optimism and trust in the future at the same time. The images represents Syrian refugees, after the Brussels attacks, my light is your light was given a new context.  

my light is your light