The two exhibitions of the festival offer different types of locations where the light artworks will be placed. In the land exhibition the artworks will either be placed in a pedestrian zone of a residential part of the city, in a park-like setting, or a large public garden. For the water exhibition please find below several key locations along the boat route from previous editions of the festival (links to Google Maps). Note that the curatorial team will decide on the final locations for all artworks.

Central Station
Amsterdam Central Station is the starting point of our water exhibition route. The area in front of the station is one of the city’s busiest and well-lit areas. Here, an artwork can be hung from a bridge, placed on a pontoon or just float in the water.

The Oosterdok is an open and wide water area, dominated by the presence of the NEMO Science Museum. It is quite dark around the Oosterdok. The northern side of this area is the most lit, with several large buildings like the OBA Public Library and the Conservatory. Artworks can be placed on a pontoon or on poles in the water.

Wertheim Park
This park is positioned along the canal Nieuwe Herengracht. Since the park is not lit at night it is quite dark, creating atmospheric scenery. Artworks can be placed on the grass or, in some cases, hung in trees. The space between the land and the wooden posts in the water may be used as well.

J.D. Meijerplein
This square is located along the Nieuwe Herengracht as well; it is sparsely lit at night.

Amstel River
The Amstel River is a central location on the boat route. It is important that artworks here are visible from a long distance. Light is dim on the Amstel River, since only the bridges are usually lit with decorative light bulbs. In this area, you can find two prime locations: the wooden platform in front of the Hermitage Museum and the Amstelsluizen.

Nieuwe Herengracht & Herengracht
There are many options to situate your work along the Herengracht canal: in or above the water, or on the quay. An artwork in the water is permitted to have a maximum width of 5 meters; when placed on the quay, it cannot be wider than 2.50 meters. In some rare cases it is possible to hang artworks in a tree, but subject to very strict limitations to the weight.

This canal is the last part of the boat route, connecting the Herengracht canal with the Central Station area.


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