Festivaljury 2016-2017

Amsterdam Light Festival offers a stage to light artist from all over the world by presenting their work in the city for two months. The festival stimulates these artists to push their own boundaries. Through a worldwide distributed Call for Concepts they submit groundbreaking concepts. A jury selects the artworks that will become part of the festival. 1800 artists from 93 different countries were interested in participation in this edition. The Call for Concepts closed this March and the jury, led by Rogier van der Heide, selected 35 concepts. The festival produces these installations together with the artists.


The jury exists out of expert on the intersection of art, innovation, urbanization, science and entertainment. They judged the proposals from the Call for Concepts on artistic value, the extent the artworks matches the theme, matched their surroundings and the feasibility. For the upcoming edition the following experts are member of the jury panel:

Rogier van der Heide, chairman and artistic leader Amsterdam Light Festival (NL)
Rogier van der Heide is the artistic leader of Amsterdam Light Festival. Van der Heide has a long and successful career in light design. He started as a theatre light designer and developed into an architectural light designer. Van der Heide is Heide Chief Design & Marketing Officer from light company Zumtobel since 2015. He was invloved with Amsterdam Light Festival from the start and is responsibly for the final artistic responsibility and functions as chairman of the jury. 

Tracy Eck (UK)
Tracy Eck is Art Director for big an internationally renowned theme parks. Als light designer she was chosen as "Lighting Designer of the Year” by Lighting Dimensions International. Her experience in the light and entertainment field will contribute to the visitor experience.

John Jaspers (NL)
John Jaspers is director of the Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst in Unna, Germany. Jaspers is a well know figure in the world of light art. He was director of the Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst and curator of GLOW, both located in Eindhoven.

Cris Toala Olivares (NL)
Cris Toala Olivares is a well know photographer located in Amsterdam. He captures the world through his lens and won the Zilveren Camera for upcoming talent in 2009. He works for big media companies such as Reuters, National Geographic and Der Spiegel. The Amsterdam canals are one of his favorite subjects. He made the photo book ’The Amsterdam Canals’. With his eye for detail and his knowledge of the city he is capable to judge the artworks in the context of the city.

Tim Molloy (UK)
Tim Molloy is former Head of Creative Direction from the National Science Museum in London. He determined the artistic course of the museum. His knowledge of science and education within the art an cultural sector has made a significant contribution to this year’s art selection.

Lydia Fraaije (NL)
Lydia Fraaije is an architect specialized on the field of biomimicry, the art of mimicking the best biological ideaas out of nature, to solve human problems. Since 2006 she runs her own bureau, Fraai Architecten. Lydia designs sustainable physical and sensory spaces.

Paul Vendel (NL)
Paul Vendel is a Dutch sculptor. After finishing his education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie he mainly made site-specific work with his du Vendel & De Wolf. They strongly connect to physical, social and cultural historical context in which they show their work. In fact, they call their works ‘growing structures’ that reveal the beauty of present issues.

Kids jury
Different kids from Amsterdam gathered for the first time in a special kids jury. After a couple of education workshops about judging and the theme’s, the kids from the 6th and 7th grade came together to select an artwork for Illuninade (the walking route of the festival). They got multiple proposals from the Call for Concepts to judge. In this way Amsterdam based kids were able to influence the festival!