From Twente with Love
Randy van Lingen & DesignLab UTwente

From Twente with Love

At the initiative of the Embassy of Twente, Almelo Promotion and Stadsfonds Almelo, artist Randy van Lingen and professor of social robotics at the University of Twente Vanessa Evers have put together the artwork From Twente with Love.

Evers explains that she works with robots that are being programmed to recognize human behaviour and act accordingly. Our inventions and creations have acquired their own behaviour and personalities in a way. From Twente With Love makes the world of robotics and nature come together in the middle of Amsterdam. 

In cooperation with Almelo Promotions, Almelo businesses, Twente Embassy Amsterdam and DesignLab UTwente, Randy van Lingen and a student team formed by Vanessa Evers came together to produce ‘From Twente with Love’ – a fusion of art and technology.

The making of

Randy van Lingen and Vanessa Evers are on their way to produce their artwork for the Illuminade walking route. More information will follow soon. In the meantime we give you 'the making of’.

Illuminade Water Colors

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