Victor Engbers
Multidisciplinary artist


The laws of science tell us that glass cannot be luminous. Think about it, have you ever seen illuminated glass before? Artist Victor Engbers chose to ignore science and went on a research quest to make the impossible possible. He found out that uranium glass (which is over 2000 year old) can light up in UV light.

The result? An illuminated Green House. This interactive artwork has special sensors that are activated through the voices of its visitors, making it a surrealistic green house that responds to its surroundings. Green houses represent both the idea of dedicated care and manipulation of nature at the same time, as jury member Tim Molloy explains. The artwork evokes an uneasy feeling that confronts us with our own impact on the planet while at the same time providing a cozy and intimate space to discuss such topics, Molloy states as well.

The making of

Illuminade Water Colors

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