Lydia Fraaije



Amsterdam Light Festival asked biomimicry expert and festival jury member Lydia Fraaije to create an artwork that illustrated the urgency of the biomimicry movement, the theme of this year’s Illuminade walking route. 

Nerve is an organic work that is nearly made out of 100% of recycled materials. It is built with waste material of fiberglass that is usually used for data transport between internet connections, reminding you of the nervous system. 

The artwork tries to make you realize that we do not need to protect nature. Mankind is a young species that resembles the same behaviour of a plague. We are not in balance with our environment because we are overpopulating and depleting the earth. However, nature has survived bigger catastrophes than us. If we want to survive we need to use the database of knowledge that nature has been developing for 3.8 billion years to help us to become balanced in the ecosystem.

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