Tree Hugger
Daan van Hasselt & Asia Jackowska

Tree Hugger

Have you ever hugged a tree? The urge to affiliate with other forms of life actually has a name; ‘biophilia’. This means we intrinsically feel the need to be close to nature. Hugging a tree is the perfect example to connect with nature. Did you know that trees are connected to each other as well? Recent studies show that trees can withstand powerful environmental disasters because they are interconnected through their roots. Matter of fact, this construction will be used in architecture more often in the future, creating groups of buildings that are connected underground that are strong enough to survive earthquakes and hurricanes. 

Tree Hugger by Daan van Hasselt and Asia Jackowska invites you to hug a tree. As soon as you embrace it, the tree will light up. Because all the trees are connected, your energy will cause the neighbouring trees to glow as well.

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