You Lookin' at me?
Tropisme Art & Science Collective

You Lookin' at me?

When you enter the Wertheimpark you will intrude the territory of giant glowing eyeballs. They try to intimidate you with penetrating looks and sounds to scare you away.

If someone strange enters our personal space, a possible reaction might be to act defensive, territorial and erratic. This can happen at nano scale; think of red blood cells that jump into defense mode or when you are traveling with public transport during rush hour. A reaction like this can also occur at a bigger scale and can be triggered my migration issues in Europe for example. You Lookin’ at Me? by Tropisme Art & Science Collective emphasizes the opposite: tolerance. 

The making of

The construction of Tropisme Art & Science Collective artwork You lookin' at me is well underway. Here is a glimpse of what happens behind the veil. Follow their progress here, in 'the making of’.

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