Light Art Collection

The light-artworks of Amsterdam Light Festival are created for the foundation and city specially, in close collaboration with the artists, designers and architects. After the festival, most of the artworks become part of the collection of Foundation Amsterdam Light Festival. To provide these artworks with an extra stage, the initiative Light Art Collection was established. 

In 2018, Light Art Collection has the biggest collection of light-art in the world. During the entire year, the team actively researches new possibilities to exhibit the collection. This way, Light Art Collection is able to offer the artists an international platform, even after Amsterdam Light Festival has ended.  

Light Art Collection has years of knowledge in working with light-art through Amsterdam Light Festival. As such, the team is very experienced in curating and building tailor-made exhibitions. By using the existing artworks, they are able to tell a new story every time; one that fits the environment and is appealing to a wide audience.

Below you will find an impression of some festivals where Light Art Collection has exhibited light-artworks.


Open Lounge- Géraud Périole
Left: Amsterdam Light Festival 
Right: Norrköping Light Festival, Sweden (2016)


Talking Heads- Viktor Viscek
Left: Amsterdam Light Festival
Right: Neversea Festival, Romenia (2017)

Left: Amsterdam Light Festival
Right: Boundary of Light- Shenzhen Sea World Light Festival, China (2016)


Run Beyond- Angelo Bonello
Left: Amsterdam Light Festival
Right: Toronto Light Festival, Canada (2017)


Today I Love You- Massimo Uberti & Marco Pollice
Left: Amsterdam Light Festival
Right: Norrköping Light Festival, Sweden (2017)

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