what is light art?

Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual light art festival in the city center of Amsterdam. Light art is a relatively young art form that experiences a great growth because of the LED revolution. Light is a versatile and highly visual ‘material’ that can be used both abstract and figurative. Both forms are reflected in the artworks of the festival.

In the 60's Californian artists such as Robert Irwin, James Turrell and Dan Flavin turned their backs to abstract painting and focused on a more sensory way of experiencing art. Light was an important element here. Light was used in various forms in their artworks: from fire to floodlights and projections to neon lamps. However, their work never escaped the context of the museum. 

In contrast to the museum, contemporary light artists consider the city as their main territory. The place where advertisements, traffic lights and flickering neon pipes cream for attention, these artists see as an inspiration and challenge for their own work. All these talents have the ever-advancing technology on their side. With LED lightning and advanced projections they can tell you everything they want. They speak an international language. 

Amsterdam Light Festival offers a stage to light artist from all over the world by presenting their work in the city for two months. The festival stimulates these artists to push their own boundaries. Through a worldwide distributed Call for Concepts they submit groundbreaking concepts. A jury selects the artworks that will become part of the festival. 1800 artists from 93 different countries were interested in participation in this edition. The Call for Concepts closed this March and the jury, led by Lennart Booij, selected 40 concepts. The festival produces these installations together with the artists. 

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