Florian & Michael Quistrebert


©Bas Uterwijk

Synesthesia is a kind of sense with which you see colours when you listen to music. In the twentieth century this was translated by various artists (such as Wassily Kandinsky) into genres called 'silent music' and 'color music'. Here, sound is translated into a form, while color represents an emotion.

STRIPES 5 uses this information and allows people to experience the projections in two ways. From afar, the building appears to be distorted, and from close by, one can see the markings of the building and the psychedelic patterns play a greater role.

Florian and Michael Quistrebert

This duo creates ‘optical canvasses’ and videos showing angular patterns in which symmetry and reflections are recurring themes. Using a variety of materials and techniques they seek to reinvent modernism, futurism, and optical art.

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