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Amsterdam Light Festival shows what light can mean for a city. Beautiful light, creative use of light.” – Hans Akkerman.

The city of Amsterdam becomes inspired by the festival. Amsterdam Light Festival embraces these light art initiatives and contributes where possible. The following initiatives were developed in collaboration with, among others, Amsterdam Light Festival and Light Art Collection.

Oostpoort participates!

The Oranjevrijstaatplein, part of shopping centre Oostpoort in East Amsterdam, will light up from 16 December 2017 until 21 January 2018 (from 09:00 until 23:00 o' clock) by the light art installation ‘Never Ends’ by Luigi Console and Valentina Novembre. The artworks invites passer-by’s to connect with their inner child. The work consist of a blue and white rocking horse, on a platform with hundreds of LED’s that light up when somebody takes place on the horse. This interactive piece of art invites people of all ages to partake. ‘Never Ends’ has been formerly exhibited at ‘Vivid Sydney’. The Italian artists, Luigi Console and Valentina Novembre, partook in last year’s Amsterdam Light Festival with the work ‘Together’.


Apart from ‘Never Ends’, Oostpoort is now home to three benches that light up in the dark. The German light artist Bernd Spiecker designed these pieces; they make ‘sitting on light’ possible! Very 2.5 minutes the colours change, from blue to yellow and pink.

Light Festival Oostpoort is an initiative of shopping centre Oostpoort, in collaboration with Light Art Collection and Amsterdam Light Festival. For more information, visit their website or Facebook

Parklicht participates!

Parklicht is a light art exhibition with big, as well as small installations, objects and projections, spread across the newly renovated Northern half of the Oosterpark. Parklicht takes place at 28, 29 and 30 December (from 17:00 until 22:00 at night). In shrubbery, next to paths, in water and in and on buildings fifteen works will be exhibited.

Wayward art
In all cases it concerns wayward, non-figurative artworks that are based on the use of white and/or blacklight. Parklicht guarantees an interesting evening walk, through a beautiful and interesting part of Amsterdam: go out and explore one artwork after another!

For more information, visit the Polderlicht website.

Zuidas participates!

From 10 January until 19 February 2018 an impressive light artwork will light up the end of the Minervalaan (right before Station Amsterdam Zuid). This artwork, ’40 Hexaedron’ consists of forty luminous cubes that together create a visual interplay between light and shape. The light art installation was designed and created by the French multimedia artist Pierre Ranzini. Ranzini connects art and technology in his work and tries to find ways to redefine our ideas of space. 

The artwork is an initiative of Amsterdam Zuidas, in collaboration with Light Art Collection and Amsterdam Light Festival.

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