Ana Morphè
Isabel Nielen
Light designer

Ana Morphè

Ana Morphè is an ode to water. While sailing the Amsterdam canals few realize that water is one of the foundations of our existence. Isabel Nielen makes you aware of this fact, directly confronting you with her interpretation of the water cycle; by literally making you sail through her innovative artwork.

Isabel Nielen was inspired by the changes of the water element, where solid ice transforms into liquid water and then changes into gas-steam. The H2O molecules transform from structured into random into amorphous in this process. This is where the name Ana Morphè derives from.

With its lasers (that are located on the roof of Double Tree Hotel and on a bridge) that point towards two huge canvasses that are hidden underneath the wrinkling water surface, Ana Morphè is an innovative artwork where a combination of techniques are applied that have never been used in this combination before.

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