Reier Pos
Light designer


The futuristic artwork from the Dutch Reier Pos can be seen as a metaphor that connects the present of Amsterdam to its past and future. Blueprint compliments the building with new techniques while highlighting the building’s rich past at the same time.

The monumental building was designed by Daniel Stalpaert as warehouse for the Admirality of Amsterdam in 1656. It was built in the Golden Age when Amsterdam was the biggest trading port of the world. Nowadays the building is still impressive. It is the perfect place for the Dutch Maritime Museum that has been housed there since 1973.

Pos highlights this piece of Dutch historical architecture. The lasers that draw the buildings original blueprint are a reminder of how the building was once designed. The skeleton of the façade is being drawn with light every 10 minutes. The repetition of this process reflects on  the idea of both ephemeral time and perpetual time.

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Illuminade Water Colors

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