Victor Vicsek
Autodidactische kunstenaar


Nexus was inspired by a personal experience from Hungarian artist Victor Viscek. As a stranger in Amsterdam he wondered what the city would look like underneath the surface. What are the norms and values of the Dutch and how do they manifest beyond touristic clichés? He summarized the answers to his questions into one sentence: ‘Let the colors flow!’.

Amsterdam is one of the most intercultural cities of the world. The capital city has over 180 different nationalities. ‘Nexus’ means connection; the connection that develops gradually between existing inhabitants and newcomers. Nexus is - literally and metaphorically - a huge complex structure consisting out of different compartments that create a unity together. Curved light pipes create a smooth movement that starts in the water of the Amstel River and moves upwards into the sky.

The making of

Illuminade Water Colors

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