Luigi Console & Valentina Novembre
Multidisciplinary artists


Danger Zone. Love is contagious. Pericolo. L’amore è contagioso. Zona peligrosa. El amore es contagioso. Zone dangereuse. L’amour est contagieux. Gefahrenzone. Die Liebe ist ansteckend.

Italian artists Luigi Console and Valentina Novembre warn you for the contagiousness of love. Together is a subtle ambiguous comment on the contemporary status of love, as Amsterdam Light Festival jury member Tim Molloy states. Because what does love mean in times of individuality, loose connections, polarization and self-interest?

Console and Novembre make their statement about love in various languages, referring to the international character of Amsterdam. Both residents and visitors contribute to the city in their own way, all in their own language, creating a melting of mixed identities. Every word might have a different connotation in a different language, making this artwork open for various interpretations by people from different cultures.


The making of

Illuminade Water Colors

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