Wolfert's Dog
Tatiana Titova
Visual artist & graphic designer

Wolfert's Dog

It was Geert Mak who told the 8th century legend of the founding of Amsterdam in his book A Brief Life of the City in 1999 and Russian artist Tatiana Titova who made an artwork  called Wolfert’s Dog as an interpretation of this ancient story in 2016.

Dutch fisherman Wolfert saved a Norwegian price from a shipwreck. When they were hit by a storm again the prince promised Wolfert that he would build a city if they would survive. Exhausted from the storm they fell asleep. When they woke up after the storm Wolfert’s dog was peacefully on the shore of the Amstel River. This exact spot is where Amsterdam was founded.

Titova’s artwork seems alive because of the mechanism that allow the separate parts of the dog to move. If you keep watching you might see the dog lift up his leg to pee.

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