Light Blog

Keep an eye out on this page for interesting updates about Edition #10 of Amsterdam Light Festival!

06.10.2021 - The ticket shop is live!

Can't wait to enjoy the best light artworks this winter with the city of Amsterdam as backdrop? We have some good news: our ticket sale is live! Decide in what way you want to experience the festival and pick a date with your friends, family, or neighbours. We will Celebrate 10 years of Amsterdam Light Festival together!


01.10.2021 - The new website is live

As of today you can find all relevant information regarding your festival visit. Are you going to experience the artworks by boat or by foot? And how will you get to the festival? Start planning now!


25.09.2021 - We present to you: our anniversary logo!

Because Edition #10 is our anniversary, where we celebrate 10 years of light art, we have designed a special jubilee logo. The logo captures the theme of this edition perfectly; Celebrate Light: 10 years of Amsterdam Light Festival. What do you think?