Nautical measures

Are you sailing, rowing or supping the route yourself? Pay attention to the adjusted sailing rules so that everyone can enjoy our exhibition safely and well.

Be visible on the water!

Going out on the waters by yourself is always at your own risk. For safety reasons: please make sure that you can be seen. This requires a light that is visible above 1.5 m. Please note the rules that apply to sailing on the canals.


The route of edition #8 is in the eastern part of the city centre of Amsterdam. As you will see on the map, we sail counterclockwise. The route takes about 60 to 75 minutes to finish. The route starts at the Oosterdok and sails from the Oude Schans to the Amstel. You sail through the 'Amstelsluizen' and turn at the point of 'Garage 't Amsterdammertje'. Follow your route to the Nieuwe Keizersgracht, Plantage Muidergracht, Entrepotdok, Nieuwe Herengracht and the National Martime Musuem. From there the route ends at the Oosterdok. So pay close attention: don't sail against the route. 


There are several measures to be taken for this specific route: 

1. The route is one-way traffic, please make sure you don't go against the stream.
2. Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug): Only the boats which can’t pass underneath the 2 lower passages of the Skinny Bridge can go through the central passage. This only applies to bigger and taller boats.
3. Skinny Bridge: Right of way as for oncoming traffic: act upon well workmanship. Be a gentleman (or woman).
4. At the Amstelsluis, take the vortex on your RIGHT hand, and turn your boat at the level of Garage Amsterdammertje. Mind your speed, DON’T use a bow thruster as the noise disturbs the residents. (DON’T take the middle vortex!)
5. Amstelsluis Again use only the vortex on your right hand, because of the artwork (in the middle vortexts there are none.) (Feel like the Kardashians)
6. Curve Amstel – Nieuwe Keizersgracht: Larger boats can experience trouble taking the turn to Nieuwe Keizersgracht and sometimes have to set twice. This can cause delay.
7. On the second reach Nieuwe Keizersgracht towards the Overloopplantsoen (Hortus) bouy cords have been applied as protection for the houseboats. Mind your speed.
8. T-Junction Plantage Muidergracht – Nieuwe Prinsengracht: Warning: in case of overcrowdings scenario: ROUT.
9. Suppliers Bridge Artis, ONLY use the LEFT passage because of trending of the back of larger boats taking the turn. The right-sided passage will be blocked.
10. End Entrepotdok use the VHF to take the turn, be careful for oncoming traffic.

Overcrowding scenario on the route

In the case of blue light on the Blauwe Brug and the Amstelsluis, the overcrowding scenario is enabled. This means that, in the case of a traffic jam, the route will be split up in boats bigger or smaller than 14 m. These scenarios will mainly be followed on Fridays, Saturdays and during the Christmas break, on which the peak will be between 5.30 P.M. and 10 P.M. (17:30 – 22:00 o’clock). Boats longer than 14 meters take the green route, while smaller boats will take the yellow route.

Boats bigger than 14m: Turn left to de Nieuwe Keizersgracht BEFORE the Skinny Bridge.
Boats shorter than 14m: Sail through the Amstersluizen, turn around and go back to the outer vortex. After that you go right, in to the Nieuwe Prinsengracht.

At the Plantage Muidergracht, the boats will continue the same route together.

Yellow: boats smaller than 14m
Green: Boats larger than 14 m
Blue: location of the blue nautic lamps