Exclusive: Theatre on a canal cruise

What starts as a quiet boat trip along the light artworks of Amsterdam Light Festival quickly escalates into a chaotic scene. For the first time this year there is the opportunity to experience a theatre play in addition to the light artworks. Come and join De Lichtcode by Chris Bajema.

We asked Chris how to combine a lightart route with theatre: "I wanted to make a cheerful, exciting, 'comic' story again. With extra music and sound that you hear through headphones. And preferably of course a story with a nice plot, where at the end all story lines come together."

"When I look at my notes, I see how many wild ideas have passed in the brainstorming phase"

Creating a theatre piece takes time. Chris: "Very disciplined I collected ideas and cycled along the festival route several times for hints of inspiration. When I look at my notes, I see how many wild ideas have passed in the brainstorming phase. But it's great to have a few good ideas that gradually 'click' into each other."

Also logistically things have to be right: "There are actors participating along the water side, it sometimes feels as a military operation. Since we can’t always know how the traffic on the water will continue, every performance will be different. We have to solve that puzzle on the spot. For example, if something happens on the side that influences the actors' play."

lichtcode promo image

When asked what the audience can expect, Chris starts to laugh. "The audience has headphones on. They’ll hear spherical music at every work of art. But it will be constantly interrupted by the slightly nervous audio guide Noor ...... "

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The Light Code is a co-production of Chris Bajema and Artifex. In collaboration with Canal Tours Amsterdam - part of Stromma Netherlands