Finalist Light Art Award

Amsterdam Light Festival congratulates light artist Yasuhiro Chida with his nomination for the International Light Art Award, an initiative of the Centre for International Light Art Unna and Innogy Foundation.

With this award and the accompanying exhibition, the Centre for International Light Art Unna wants to provide a platform for coming generations of light artists. Artists are invited to reflect on the Future of Light Art and elaborate a concept of how this future could look like.

"Light is the root of beauty"

Chida's reflections on ligh art: "Light is one of the purest materials that make it possible to perceive a space. Light is the root of beauty; natural phenomena or substances that we feel beautiful, many of them are concerned with light."

The other two finalists for the award are Jacqueline Hen (Germany) and artist duo Charlotte Dachroth + Ole Jeschonnek (both from Germany). Read here about the finalists:

The award ceremony and the opening of the accompanying exhibition in Unna will take place on 7 June 2019.

Chida participated in Amsterdam Light Festival's 6th and 7th edition. In 2017 his artwork 'Brocken 6 A' was part of the exhibition and in 2018 his artwork'Aftereal'