From the line-up: Serge Schoemaker

Serge Schoemaker is no stranger to Amsterdam Light Festival. He joined the line-up in 2014-2015 with the artwork ‘Alley of Light’, which has travelled the entire world since then. This year, his artwork ‘Transmission’ depicts how our messages move through the ether.

On a daily basis we spend on average more than eight hours using various media. We often don’t fully realize how quickly our messages reach their receiver. Using 19 wavy lines of solid Plexiglas that seemingly float in the air, this process is made visible in ‘Transmission’. According to Schoemaker, light is the ideal way to visualize this: “Light art uses art, technology and the public domain. It’s the perfect medium to tell a story or to connect with the public during the cold winter months.”

Serge Schoemaker Architects office

Therefore, Schoemaker is positive about the future of light art: “The more technology will be available in the future, the bigger the possibilities will be for light art.”

Still, technology doesn’t directly inspire new ideas for him: “Usually it’s the location or assignment itself that inspires us (Serge Schoemaker Architects). Strangely enough, strict requirements are often a source of inspiration as well. We elaborate and improve ideas over and over until we ‘find’ something that we think is suitable.”

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